Why Choose Family Owned Funeral Homes? Michael Scarpaci

Michael Scarpaci
3 min readMay 3, 2022

Initially before morgue services were commercialized, they used to be handed by the community. The different families that were in this line of business back then proceeded to open family based funeral homes that serve the people of their community at large. When compared to the commercial funeral homes, there are many benefits that a mourning family will get from choosing a family based funeral home near them. Read on below to learn from Michael Scarpaci the reasons why family-owned funeral homes are supreme over their commercial substitutes.

Family Oriented

Rather than approaching you as a customer, family based funeral homes are caring enough to treat you as family. This should be nothing strange considering you comes from the same neighborhood and based on their experience, they might have served your family countless times in the years before. It is only right to support the business that supports you rather than the one in it for the profits. The pricing of most family based funeral homes is friendly to the locals and you might just have an easy time admitting your dead relative and commencing the funeral arrangements.

Personalized services

Having faced several deaths in the neighborhood, the funeral home should be well versed with the funeral arrangement procedures of the locals. Why would you therefore settle for a stranger in your traditions when there is a funeral home that is well versed with every step that must be taken? Besides licensing, you need to trust the local funeral home to handle the funeral arrangement with minimum supervision having been in the industry for some time. Commercialized funeral home might not be willing to participate in some personalized burial ceremony services they are not versed with.

Full services offered

Family owned funeral homes are perfect when it comes to body preparations. Most that you will find near you will have a long list of services to offer having dealt with death locally more than enough times. The staff of the place and the management understands everything that needs to be done and will be with you through all the steps of the way to burial or cremation. You can rest assured that the funeral arrangements are going to the plan with the body being prepared for the funeral ceremony as it should be. This makes them suitable for both traditional and non-traditional funeral arrangements.

Easy to trust

After losing their loved one, the next call the family will make might probably be to the next funeral home that they trust. There must be a funeral home that your family is acquainted with and consulting with them over funeral arrangements might be much easier if not favorable. Having been the ideal solution for your previous generation, why not continue supporting the local funeral homes by trusting them with your loved ones when they die as your history has been dictating over the years?



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