Tips To Motivate Yourself To Workout by Michael Scarpaci

Michael Scarpaci
3 min readMay 26, 2022

They say, staying healthy can make you enjoy a longer and quality life. Sure, it will all start with the food you eat, and followed by regular workout. The latter can be very hard to maintain, especially that you have a lot of responsibilities to do in life.

Michael Scarpaci may be very busy with his business, Axis All, but that does not stop him from motivating himself to workout. If you are a type of person who easily feels tired and bored of exercising, then it is time that you get up and find ways to motivate yourself, especially that it is important and can help you enjoy your life.

Tips To Motivate You To Workout

Just in case you are still thinking that working out regularly is impossible, read this article and get helpful tips to ensure that your body will look for exercise on a regular basis:

Invite someone to exercise with you

Instead of doing it alone, invite someone to exercise with you. Doing something with someone is exciting and fun. But of course, it is best if the person you invite to exercise with is also motivated or at least is interested to exercise.

Do not look for someone who will just drag you down even more, as instead of helping you to be motivated, it will turn the other way and could possibly make you feel worse about the idea of working out.

Hit the gym

If you have time and resources, hitting the gym is a good idea. Exercising is a lot better if you are using machines, and there are instructors that will help you achieve your body goals.

It is also more motivating to exercise if you are in a gym than if you are just at home. Bring out your best gym outfit, and together with the other gym enthusiasts, achieve the body you are dreaming to have.

Celebrate your achievements, even how small it is

Some want to see huge improvement right away. If this is what you also want to achieve, it is impossible. To every inch or even centimeter taken away from your belly, celebrate it. It is somehow motivating to see and appreciate changes in your body specifically if it is for the better.

Even how small your achievement is, do not think twice about celebrating it. Be happy with small achievements as not everyone can enjoy it.

Do not deprive yourself too much

Do not deprive yourself too much. Some, what they will do is not to eat for the entire day or completely take away sweets from their meals. As long as you can handle it, it should be fine, but never overdo it.

You still have to enjoy life even if you are working out. But of course, you need to know your limitations and also a few do’s and don’ts you strictly have to obey.

Following the tips above can definitely make your working out successful and fun at the same time.



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