Michael Scarpaci: Your Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Michael Scarpaci
3 min readMar 8, 2022

Who is an entrepreneur? The universal definition of an entrepreneur is a person who evaluates and takes risk with the initiative of making returns or profit from the risks taken. The society needs different types of entrepreneurs ranging from sole proprietors to partnerships. The journey to becoming a decorated business person is however decorated with obstacles and challenges that need one to be careful and smart. This is the reason Michael Scarpaci advised you to follow the following guidelines given on how you can become an entrepreneur today.

Choose your niche

From the outside, everyone wishes to be successful at businesses however very few actually know what they want to do. Rather than opening up any other business, take your time to identify a gap in the market. It is also ideal when you choose a niche that you are familiar with and are experienced in for better performance. To successfully sustain through the challenges manifested by managing a business, choose a niche you have passion in. Once you find the business gap in your niche, you can proceed to the next stage of your research.

Do intensive market research

Chances are there are already several entrepreneurs already trying to fill the market gap that you spotted in the first step. It is however more about offering what they offer but in a better way or coming up with a totally new solution for the customer pain points you observe. Use the internet to do your research on a global perspective before narrowing down your search to studying how your competitors to be work or think. Understanding your target audience also needs to be in your research so as design not just the right products but also brands and marketing strategies to use to win them over.

Educate yourself

Educating yourself is the next step you should invest if you are to become a decorated entrepreneur. It is obvious that college education is not compulsory however with little training and education, one can achieve many milestones. It is the reason you ought to find even a short business management and accounting course to do and improve your approach to business and management skills. Consider studying in ventures like bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship, business and finance education not forgetting humans and resource management. All these studies will help make you better at finding solutions and being creative and careful in whatever you do.

Start your business

Now that you have identified a business gap and already have the details you need to manage a business, get your resources ready. The first capital can be found form loaning institutions, savings and even contributions from friends and family to get you started. Start building your business slowly as you take note of changing trends while learning from your mistakes to become a better entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs tend to have their day jobs as back up to their businesses in case of any financial challenges in the future as the business picks up its pace.



Michael Scarpaci

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