Michael Scarpaci: What should I look for in funeral services?

Michael Scarpaci
3 min readMar 21, 2022

Losing a loved one can be a very tough period for anyone however sending off the deceased with utmost respect is the most important thing to focus on. Funeral arrangements have to be arranged fast and that in most cases means choosing the right funeral home to preserve the body as you lay down the necessary plans. Finding a great funeral home according to Michael Scarpaci should be easy however a few factors will need to be satisfied first. Check out some of the attributes your morgue of choice should meet before you surrender the body of your loved one to them.

Cost of their services

First things first, not every funeral home will offer you the same services as you expect. You should ascertain what you need and ensure the home of your choice will provide the same to your loved ones. After assessing the assortment of services provided, check out how much it costs to get the services needed. Remember that cremation is often much cheaper when compared to burial ceremonies as many funeral homes would advise you. It is also wise to have the morgue of your choice break down the funeral expenses for you to understand and verify whether your budget will manage.

Staff training and experience

The dead may have no use for kindness however professionalism demands that morgue staff be highly trained and focused on their jobs. You must take your chance to assess the facility and the kind of staff it has employed. How experienced are they in the niche? You can also tell whether they are the right option by confirming their training just to be sure everything will be handled professionally. Inexperienced attendants might be careless and get a few steps wrong that could seem like an insult to the family of the bereaved.

Grief resources availed

Funeral homes understand the pain of loss can at times overwhelm a family. Many funeral homes today go ahead to arrange for grief resources to help the family cope with the hard time. The options availed include grief support groups, therapy counselling and also educating their clients on grief and several methods of overcoming the same. It is only proper that you find a funeral home with such services to offer the leaning shoulder for your loved ones to mourn on.

Legitimacy and quality of facility

Lastly, you need to spare some time and assess the facility you intend to take care of your dead loved one. How can you be sure the facility has all the resources needed including qualified staff without checking it out? There are some morgues that could also be operating illegally without being certified or registered. You might want to stay away from such as the only way to trust some services is if they are being offered by a legitimate institution that can prove the same to their customers and public in general



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