Michael Scarpaci: 4 Factors to Worry About When Launching an Online Business

Michael Scarpaci
3 min readApr 26, 2022

The entrepreneurship culture is becoming tougher to cultivate with new products being launched almost daily. With the right knowledge and qualities, identifying a business gap should not be as hard as it is. Entrepreneurs like Michael Scarpaci are applauded for their risk taking and that is mostly what many of them do today especially when launching their businesses online. Online businesses have however been increasing over the years and you now need a solid structure for launching your business if you are to be successful online. Read on below to ascertain the important factors to consider when launching your online business today.

Develop a business plan

After identifying a business gap that you want to fill, research should be done for the right moves to be executed. This is what is called a business plan, a break down insight into what you want to deal in, who you want to offer it to, how you intend to get all these done and lastly the resources needed to actualize the vision. A great business plan can also win you financing in terms of loan from institutions if they see sense and potential for profit from your idea.

Research and understand your target market

How well do you know those that you want to sell your product or services to? The internet provides a vast market for you to manipulate however you need to choose your niche of operation. The first move to do would be studying the target market you want to work with online first based on a few segmentation factors like age, religion, race, geographical region and trends. Through knowing their needs, you can tailor your services or products to suit their prevailing needs. You should also maintain your online presence to talk to and interact with your customers if you are to know them.

Work on your online and offline marketing

The best part about launching your business online is the vast market you can access and sell to. To however develop brand authority online, you have to be an expert at marketing which is mostly a challenge to most. A few tricks to use would be improving your website SEO for better ranking, using social media to attract traffic and market brand and even using paid ads online to improve the presence of your brand. The rewards of marketing include increased traffic, better conversions and amplified sales. Many business that are not well versed with marketing just go ahead to hire marketing professionals that can get the job done for them.

Consistency is pivotal

In anything you do online, consistency is how you get your authority. Your brand will become dormant when you are unable to serve your customers for certain durations. Choose reliable suppliers and have updated shipping systems to support your business. Failing your customer not only damages your reputation but also affects your brand authority especially when there are other substitute brands that your customers can check out.



Michael Scarpaci

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