Important Strategies to Become a Successful Entrepreneur by Michael Scarpaci

Michael Scarpaci
3 min readJun 21, 2022


We are now living in a world where competition in the business world is very stiff. If an entrepreneur does not invest in professional and self-development, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed and worse, give up on their dreams. No matter what happens, entrepreneurs need to stay focused on their business goals. Because the world of business is ever-changing, there are many things that entrepreneurs can do to become successful. Michael Scarpaci has been in business for a very long time and according to him, here is what entrepreneurs should do to clear their success path.

Studying the competition

The first important thing that one should do is study the competition. An entrepreneur should always keep an eye on the competition and what they do. Apart from that, it will also be wise to know the rival products and services being offered by competitors. This is the knowledge that you can use to market your products in a better way. When you have a rough idea about your competition, you will be able to do things differently in a way that your products and services will stand out. It is only by knowing your competitors that you can use their weaknesses to your advantage.

Money conservation

Although your business may be doing well right now, you never know what is coming tomorrow. Although no entrepreneur wishes to have a rough patch, it is very important to prepare for all possibilities. It is always very important to have some money set aside to help you overcome any unforeseen circumstances. That way, you will always come out of different situations stronger. Therefore, cash conservation will always be very important no matter how successful the business is.

Invest in doing research

Just because your business is doing well doesn’t mean that you should sit back and relax. It is very important to make sure that you are always on top of everything. Therefore, it will be very wise for an entrepreneur to invest in researching new products and services. If you discover a product or a service that can improve the operations of your company, take a step to incorporate them into your business. Any entrepreneur who wishes to be successful should invest quality time in doing research and taking advantage of what technology has to offer. If there are tools that can help you manage your services efficiently, take a step further and use them

Listen to what your customers have to say

Customer feedback is always very important when it comes to business. As an entrepreneur, it is very important to always understand that your customers will always be your biggest fans. By listening to them and even adapting to what makes them feel better and satisfied, your chances of being successful will be higher. It is only possible to evolve when you listen to what your customers have to say. It may not be a big deal when one customer doesn’t like what you offer but when many customers are disliking your products, think about re-strategizing your business.



Michael Scarpaci

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